New Coupling Adapters for the IEC Motor Sizes 200/225

Newly designed coupling adapters (IAK) for the mounting of IEC motors of the sizes 200/225 (B5) are available by midyear. With this diversification Watt Drive completes the coupling adapter system up to a motor rated power of 45kW (4-poled). The torque transmission between drive motor and gearbox is realised with the help of form-fit, low backlash claw coupling. The elastomer insert (98 Shore A) dampens efficiently emerging vibrations and impacts.

Bild 1 / Picture 1: New IEC Adapter IAK200, IAK225

Coupling adapter IAK with integrated backstops:

For the IAK adapters of the sizes 100 – 225 (2.2 – 45kW, 4-poled), integrated backstops are available for the customer. They can be used for applications at which a locking direction is needed (e.g.: inclined conveyor belts).
The backstops are working with centrifugal lift-off sprags, by which they rotate contactless from a certain speed on. This results in a low-maintenance and loss-free solution. Through the integrated design, standard IEC motors of different manufacturers can be used without an additional setup. Thus an uncomplicated motor exchange is ensured.

Integrated design:

The backstops are implemented directly into the adapter housing. That means, the dimensions are identical to the adapters without backstops.

Determination of the rotating with the order:

When ordering a gearbox with backstop in the adapter, the desired rotating direction has to be indicated. The rotating direction is defined in accordance with the output shaft of the gearbox. In order to avoid any damage, the rotating direction of the drive should be checked before the start-up of the plant.

Explosion-proof gearboxes with IEC adapters:

WATT gearboxes according to ATEX can as well be used for gas- (G) or dust explosion protection (D). For the mounting of explosion-proof motors, the gearboxes are delivered with IEC adapters. In combination with the explosion-proof motors of WEG, the drives can be used for the following Ex areas:

Device group I
mines, mine gas
Device group II
other explosion-prone areas through gas or dust
Category M1 M2 1 2 3
EX atmosphere G D G D G D
Zone 0 20 1 21 2 22

Ignition protection type gearbox

(c, k) (c, k) (c, k) (c, k) (c, k)

Chart 1: Zoning for explosion-protected WATT gearboxes


Picture 2: WATT helical gearbox with explosion-protected WEG W22X Motor

Advantages for the customer:

  • Easy mounting and demounting of IEC B5 motors in the sizes (100 - 225)
  • With integrated backstop on customers demand
  • Certified in explosion-proof areas
  • Elastic claw coupling for effective damping of vibrations

Technical data of the IEC adapters (IAK) type series:

100, 112 132 160 180 200 225
Coupling bore Ø28 H7 Ø38 H7 Ø42 H7 Ø48 H7  Ø55 H7 Ø60 H7
Flange Ø250  Ø300 Ø350 Ø400 Ø450
Centring Ø180 H7 Ø230 H7  Ø250 H7 Ø300 H7 Ø350 H7
Screw hole circle Ø215 Ø265  Ø300  Ø350 Ø400
Fixing bore 4xØ14 4xØ14  4xØ18 4xØ18 8xØ18 
Coupling star 98 Shore A - rot      
Coupling rated torque 60 Nm 325 Nm 530 Nm
Permitted input speed 2800 min-1 2000 min-1
Mass moment of inertia ,001 kgm² 0,007 kgm² 0,007 kgm² 0,007 kgm²  0,020 kgm²  0,020 kgm² 

Chart 2: Technical data



New Coupling Adapters for the IEC Motor Sizes 200/225

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New Coupling Adapters for the IEC Motor Sizes 200/225

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