Roller table drive

Roller table drives

for cooling sections in steel plants - Parallel shaft gear unit FU 130S

All inner parts are taken from the MAS® program. The casing was designed according to an individual customer request in ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG 40). The direct attachment of the roller conveyor motor results in very compact design.

Technical Data

Power: 3.6kW
Output torque: 2000
Ratio: 39,55
Mounting position: H40



  • Torque support by foot mounting
  • Measurement of oil level by 2 oil level gauges 
  • direct motor assembling
  • Safety in operation by heavy duty design


  • Gear box housing made of ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15
  • Groove seal with regreasing device to protect the seal ring of the gear unit 
  • Additional gamma-ring 
  • Use of HNBR seal rings or VITON seal rings on hardened shafts 
  • Synthetic lubricant for higher thermal stress
  • optional: Roller table motor made of ductile iron, protection class IP 65
  • Pulse encoder with 1024 pulses 
  • Painting for higher atmospheric stress

Area of application

  • Ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • High mechanical loads 
  • High pollution due to scales