Modular Drive System MAS:

WEG Gear Systems offers a complete program of electric, electronic and mechanical drive technology both in the form of individual units or as a complete drive system.

We offer perfectly coordinated standard products!
By expanding on top of our modular gear system we are able to meet the highest demands of our customers with the most modern WEG motor and inverter technologies.
Our special tooth formation and surface finish guarantee the highest bearing capacity resulting in smaller gear wheels at the same torque. In this manner smaller gear units are possible with an excellent power spectrum.
WGS geared motors really are spectacular!

The modular drive system MAS constitutes:
  • Modular Drive Electronics
    with WEG frequency inverters for open loop, sensorless vector,closed loop, torque and position control as well as various bus systems.
  • Modular Motor Systems
    including system motors and servomotors based on modular design concepts that can be simply tuned to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Modular Gear System
    in particular for servo drive systems, low backlash, quiet,compact.

Gearboxes and Geared motors (9)

Top Quality Geared Motors. Gear units and geared motors by WEG Gear Systems are the electro-mechanical key elements for low backlash, smoothly running and highly dynamic drive systems.

System motors (4)

A Motor for 100Hz Characteristic and Any Voltage Worldwide!

Industrial gears (2)

The type series F.. RX 8.. (parallel shaft gears) and K.. RX 8.. (bevel gears) are available with torques of up to 120kNM.

Special solutions (5)

If you are looking for a complete drive system or single components that cannot be implemented from a standard model, then we are the right people to contact.