Water cooled geared motor

Water-cooled gear units

Water-cooled helical bevel gear units as roller conveyor gears units.

All inner parts are taken from the MAS® program. The casing was designed according to an individual customer request. The extension of the roller conveyor motor was realized by using a special adapter.

Technical Data

Power range: 2.5 - 5kW
Output torque: max. 2700Nm
Ratio: appr. 30
Mounting position: H50



  • Support given in torque by adapter casing
  • Measurement of oil level by using concealed oil measuring stick; oil can be re-filled at the same timeMotor extension via special adapter


  • Gear unit casing made of ductile graphite iron EN-GJS-500
  • Cooling of gear unit via integrated water jacket
  • Coolant connection via 1 ‘’ thread
  • Short-term sealing protection up to 20 bar water pressure
  • Protective cover against mechanical and thermal influence
  • Protection of shaft seal ring via protection cap for hollow shaft 
  • Use of HNBR seal rings or VITON seal rings on hardened shafts
  • Special lubricant for increased surrounding temperatures

Area of application

  • High surrounding temperatures
  • Extremely high mechanical loads
  • High risk of dirt