Helical gear unit with input shaft unit

Input shaft

Gear systems with input unit (-WN) allow the running of MAS® gear unit via the extension of drive unit elements such as coupling, belts or chains.

This gear system with input shafts is an economical solution if the input motor cannot be assembled directly next to the gear unit.

Possible field of application:

  • As subsequent ratio for shafts that are already slow or running at engine speed!
  • Manual input for regulating or adjusting movements.
  • To synchronize mechanically, for multiple drive units by using a common input shaft.
  • Also for gear units that are driven from output (turbine gear units for generator drive units).
  • For gear units that are under considerable load, such as in the field of chopper machines, whereby liquids or couplers for excessive loads between the motor and gear unit are implemented!
  • Drive units between motor and gear units that require additional mechanical brakes for safety reasons (stage technology, hoisting devices…)
  • Drive units whereby the motors are mounted separately for environmental reasons. (Ex-areas, areas where there is no power supply).