Preannouncement of the new helical bevel gear K..139 on the Hannover Trade Fair 2011

The demand for larger WATT gears from the worldwide proven MAS® programme was increasing from year to year. For this reason the helical bevel gear K.. 139 with a rated torque of 20.000Nm has been developed after intensive market studies. The gear, based on modular units, complements the ample product portfolio of WATT and will be available in series at the end of 2011.

Developmental targets
The developmental targets for this new bevel gear have been deduced from the proven bevel gear programme:

  1. Use of the modular system
  2. Material targets as in the MAS® programme
  3. Safeties basing on 14.000Nm gears
  4. UNIBLOCK® design
  5. Connecting dimensions in the line with the market (Shafts Ø, flange…)

Sales partner optimised gear concept
Of course the new gear can be merchandised following the preassembled concept. Available for the WATT partner is a basic gear with premounted intermediate and output stage. Through the use of the modular input variants the entire drive system can be realised flexibly and efficiently.

Flexibility creates efficiency
Following the WATT slogan the UNIBLOCK® gear can be combined with the new IE2 motors, whereby a highly efficient drive package is being created. Precisely manufactured gearing units ensure very high efficiencies and little noise emission and thus lower notably the operating costs at according drive dimensioning.    

Standard design:

  • Housings out of grey cast iron EN-GJL-200
  • Shafts out of C45E (1.1191)
  • Gearings out of 16MnCr5 (1.7131) resp. 18NiCrMo5 (1.6566)
  • Shaft seals out of NBR

Application-optimised solutions:

  • Housing out of ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15
  • Shafts out of stainless steel
  • Shaft seals out of FPM with hardened shaft
  • Oil level indicators, ventilations...
  • Special lubricants

High operational safety
WATT relies on high minimum safety and minimum  bearing durability that is deduced from the gears K136, F137, H136, which are proven for years. The housing is dimensioned extremely tough and thus a reliable part in every customers application.

UNIBLOCK® design
UNIBLOCK® means that there are fixing possibilities available on all sides of the housing (see picture 1).
The housing has been equipped with four M36 tap holes on each mounting surface, whereas the fixing measurements are equal on all three sides, as it is with the smaller helical bevel gears.

Connecting dimensions
The shafts- resp. flange connection dimensions are as follows:

  • Hollow shaft Ø120 H7
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disc Ø125 H7
  • Output shaft Ø120 m6 x 210
  • Output flange Ø660

Technical data:

  • Nominal output torque M2rated = 20,000 Nm
  • Ratio i = 16.70 … 8909.09
  • Thermal power limit Pt20°C = 81 kW
  • Installable motor power max. 75kW

Visit us on the Hanover Trade Fair from April 4th to 08th, 2011 at our booth in
hall 14, booth K27.