Decentralised Drive Technique as „Package solution“.

Through cooperation  with the KOSTAL company, Watt Drive now manages to offer decentral, power optimised drives. It is brought into use for areas in which long wires would be necessary. Elaborate and costly wiring (shielded cables) between a drive controller in the switch cabinet and the geared motor thus can be spared.

The mounting dimensions of frequency inverters have to be considered at the spatial configuration of a switch cabinet. Decentralised or motor integrated frequency inverters offer a more inexpensive alternative.
The acquisition costs of modern systems can be set equal to those of a cabinet inverter (incl. switch cabinet). The huge customer’s advantage is the far lesser installation effort.

Product features INVEOR

  • Power variety in only 4 sizes
  • Sensorless vector control (SVC), optional:  vector control (VC)
  • Sturdy die cast housing
  • High temperature- and vibration resistance
  • Optional fieldbus systems
  • Hand-held control with plain text display (pict. 1)
  • Wall fixing
  • Protection class IP65
  • Operating range -25 up to +50°C

The Full Package:
Watt Drive geared motors and system motors are designed for frequency inverter operation and build an attuned entity together with the motor inverter (pict. 2).

With the Kostal INVEOR inverters and the proven WATT DRIVE MAS® programme a compact, energy efficient and dynamic decentralised drive unit is available for the customer.


The new frequency inverter INVEOR has added the interactive product software cat4CAD version 4.1.1243.84, which is available from now on.

Synoptic table:

INVEOR INV... MA4 0,55 MA4 0,75 MA4 1,1 MA4 1,5  MB4 2,2 MB4 3,0 MB4 4,0 MC4 5,5 MC4 7,5
rec. Rated motor power [kW] 0,55 0,75 1,1 1,5 2,2 3 4 5,5 7,5
Rated output current [A] 1,7 2,3 3,1 4,0 5,6 7,5 9,5 13 17,8
mountable WATT motors 71, 80 80, 90 80, 90 90, 100 90, 100, 112 100, 132 112, 132 132 132, 160