Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction.

Through its flexibility at great internationality Watt Drive is a matchless player in drive technique. This uniqueness stands and falls at the judgement of our customers. The delivery reliability to the customers, mean ing our promise to due delivery, was not appropriate in the year 2010.

The last year was characterised by large projects and the lack of due delivery of the suppliers; but we can’t take these problems as an excuse towards the customer. Our customers want to rely on us, which means:

  • A quick offer with better delivery time than the competition
  • Due delivery as agreed in the order confirmation

Many companies have recognised this necessary discipline as a competitive advantage in the last years. The Supply Chain Management (SCM)  just has set the delivery performance towards the customer as a focal point. At the SCM the whole process chain (Picture 1) from supplier to production up to the customer is viewed and optimised. The issue in whole is easily comprehensible but at the realisation of the SCM many expenditures can arise.
That has to be coordinated therefore the management has determined the Supply Chain Management as a necessary task for Watt Drive. In the last year the needed conceptional planning has been done so that with the beginning of the new year 2011 it comes to execution and with that to a marked increase of due delivery.

Supply Chain Management at Watt Drive
Every company has to determine its acquirements individually and attuned. Determined measurements of the enhancement of SCM (Examples):

1. Stock
The disposition department determines the required stock quantity derived from the sales forecasts. A regular forecast check ensures the necessary stock. A regular stock check leads to corrections.

2. Critical Suppliers
The few suppliers are known and will be honed to reliable partners. For the transition period a higher stock is provided to ensure the unit availability.

3. Order Confirmations
We will of course accept orders with difficult delivery pledges in the future. We will succeed in treating them specially and fulfil them accordingly.

4. Transparency and Goals
To realise the business goal, the enhancement of customer satisfaction, the delivery reliability will be regularly analysed and depicted. The leading team attains its personal goals derived from the business goal.

5. Organisation
In reference to the supply chain the responsibility of the particular departments have been defined. Moreover there has come up a new position in form of a Supply Chain Managers.

6. Production
The production sections (Manufacturing, assembling and stock) have understood the necessity of adoption through flexibility, actuality and capacity and are prepared.

The management of Watt Drive has professed to the necessity of a marked enhancement of customer satisfaction in form of due delivery.  A strategy and measurements have been determined. Responsible for the successful realisation is the plant manager. Through the SCM we also want to strengthen the sales department to open new markets in order to generate additional orders.