New Product Catalogue „MAS 12“ available!

Watt Drive presents its new MAS® catalogue with product news and additional technical information. To bring near the flexibility of the WATT system to our customer, a new chapter with customer optimised drive solutions has been integrated in the new catalogue. High efficiency motors and the motor integrated drive controller INVEOR broaden the product range with futureoriented energy saving drive components.

Worm gear motors W.. (MAS 12 catalogue from page 351 on)

Technical data:

  • Torque range 17 - 230Nm
  • Installable motor power 0.12 … 2.2kW                          

The gear housing (Aluminium die cast) offers, as usual, many mounting possibilities and can be extended by using output flanges and torque arms. The lubrication is done with synthetic lubricants. The same oil filling quantity is used at all gears of the same size.

Helical bevel gear K.. 139
(MAS 12 catalogue from page 383 on)

Technical data:

  • Rated gear torque M2rated = 20.000Nm
  • Max. installable motor power 90kW

Gear concept optimised for sales partners
The new helical bevel gear of course can be merchandised according to the preassembled concept. For the WATT partner a preassembled gear unit with a preassembled intermediate- and output stage is available. By using the modular input variants, the whole drive system can be accomplished flexibly and efficiently.

Customised drive solutions
(MAS 12 catalogue from page 555 on)
On the basis of the MAS® standard programme, Watt Drive develops together with its customers application oriented drive solutions. Much is possible, from simple product modifications up to complete special gears (Picture 1).

High efficiency IE2 motors
(MAS 12 catalogue from page 569 on)
The entire EUSAS® motors product range is already shifted to the new standard IE2. The motor systems excluded from this norm are further available with customary specification. Of course our new IE2 asynchronous motors further support the whole motor module system with the typical WATT flexibility.

Customer advantages through efficiency enhancement:

  • Less heat loss
  • Higher lifespan
  • More scope at drive dimensioning

KOSTAL frequency inverter INVEOR
(MAS 12 catalogue from page 648 on)
With Kostal INVEOR inverters and the proven Watt Drive MAS® programme, the customer has a compact, energy efficient and dynamic decentralised drive unit at his disposal (picture 2).

Product features INVEOR:

  • Power variety in just 4 sizes
  • Sensorless vector control (SVC), optional:  vector control (VC)
  • Sturdy die cast housing
  • High temperature- and vibration resistance