Availability High Efficiency IE2 Motors

Watt Drive moves with the times in all fields. This means expecially for our EUSAS® motors an adaption to the latest standards and norms on the one hand, adaption to advancing customer requirements on the other. Our new IE2 motor series offers efficiency on a high level and thereby gives our customers numerous advantages.

In order to work against the worldwide energy consumption the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released a new standard. It shall internationally standardise existing efficiency classes especially for asynchronous motors and reduce the environmental load in that field by increasing them.
The IEC 60034-30-2008 applies to asynchronous motors with 50 and 60 Hz at a power of 0.75 up to 375 kW. As a consequence the EC has released the directive 2005/32/EC and 640/2009, which will be obligatory in June 16th, 2011. From that point of time only motors are allowed to be brought onto the market that comply with this norm, meaning that they at least adhere to the efficiency class IE2.
Seamless changeover
The entire EUSAS® motors product line-up has already been adapted to the new standard. The motor systems that are excluded from that norm are further available with the usual specification.
Of course our new IE2 asynchronous motors still support the whole motor modular system with the typical WATT-flexibility.

Please note:
The current IE2 motors catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Watt Drive website.

An investment that pays
By purchase of energy efficient drive systems pure cash can be saved. Energy costs do increase ever more. How positive that it can be counteracted by the employment of EUSAS® IE2 motors.

Example: 4-pole motor frame 160, 15 kW
Operating condition: Energy price: 0.08 €/kWh, 5000
Operating hours/year.

From chart 1 can be concluded that by the employment of an IE2 motor, energy costs of 160 EURO/year can be saved. The minor surcharge for an IE2 motor thus can amortise within half a year only by its energy saving potential.

Further Advantages by Efficiency Increase:

  • Less heat loss
  • Increased durability
  • More scope for drive dimensioning

Motor designation
Our new generation of EUSAS® motors will have the following designation:

An adaption of the nameplates will ensue as well in order to comply with the IEC directive:

  • To every rated voltage the corresponding efficiency class and value is assigned
  • Voltage ranges are omitted
  • Manufacture year is indicated

Watt Drive already prepares the fundamentals to further increase the efficiency level of the EUSAS® motor series, in order to look ahead together with you into a more efficient future.

Further information about the WATT product programme can be obtained on our website www.wattdrive.com.