cat4CAD – Implemetation of worm gear series W and the new helical bevel gear K139

The interactive product software cat4CAD version 4.1.1182.75, which is available now, has been complemented by worm gear series W and the new helical bevel gear K139. WATT customers thus have the possibility to configure the new drives easily and to process the required data (2D/3D drawings, PDF dimension drawings, project files, etc.) user-friendly. Just click button „cat4CAD update“ in the main menu of cat4CAD to perform the update.

Helical bevel gear K139 (20.000Nm):

  • Rated torque M2nominal = 20.000Nm
  • Ratio i = 16.70      8909.09
  • Max. installable power 90kW

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Worm gear W.. (17 - 230Nm):

  • Sizes 30E, 40E, 50E, 63E, 75E
  • Torque M2nominal = 17 - 230Nm
  • Ratio i = 5 - 100
  • Max. installable power 2.2 kW

The software „cat4CAD“ can be downloaded for free at www.wattdrive.com or is online available under www.cat4cad.com.

cat4CAD – CAD module: Selectable by button „3D/2D drawing“ in  „Overall configuration“

  1. 2D preview: 2D-view of the chosen drive selectable in all main views.
  2. New toolbar: Some new options are available (copying, printing and saving of the view, etc.
  3. 3D-Preview: 3D-view of the selected drive.
  4. Export variants: Enables downloads in various formats (3D: STP, SAT,… 2D: DWG, DXF, …) or the direct export in your installed CAD programme
  5. Export options: Many settings are possible.