cat4CAD – Efficient Project Planning and Managing of Drive Systems

The new version 4.1.1096.63 of the interactive product software „cat4CAD“ from Watt Drive allows a time-saving, efficient drive configuration of the entire MAS® programme. The project file that is created by the customer provides shorter reaction time of the WATT sales technicians.

Advantages of „cat4CAD“:

  • Ample product library
  • Quick configuration of drive systems
  • Creation of project files with extensive documentation
  • Language selection possible even after creation of the project file
  • Short enquiry times

Innovation overview:

  • Product supplement: IE2 motors series 70WA., 2BWA. incl. the entire modular motor system (brakes, forced cooling, back stops,...)
  • Language selection „French“
  • Project file – creating enquiries by pressing a button only
  • New import drivers (Inventor 2012, Solid Works 2011, Solid Edge ST3…)


Project file:
The project file facilitates the entire management of the previous selected drives on one interface.
On selecting a button, this project file can be saved or printed, PDF dimension drawings can be created as well as enquiries sent to the WATT sales team.

  1. Project positions: Unlimited project positions can be selected and defined as a project.
  2. Project editing: Positions can be freely changed (e.g. change of type, …) and thus be adjusted to modified customer specifications.
  3. Project management: Projects can be saved, managed and sent as a „.wat“ file by e-mail.
  4. Project data: For an easier management all relevant project data can be deposited.
  5. Customer data: The customer data can be deposited for quick enquiry.