cat4CAD - OFFLINE version now available

The "cat4CAD" interactive product catalogue can now be used whenever and wherever you want - even without web access.

 cat4CAD - OFFLINE version now available

This new version of "cat4CAD" allows you to easily install the product configurator locally onto your computer and access all the product information and technical drawings without the necessity of an internet connection.

The included feature for automated updates (*) ensures that you can always use the latest data and information on the available products.


Download the OFFLINE version here.

The cat4CAD OFFLINE version contains the same features as the ONLINE version:

  • entire catalogue of the MAS geared motors range
  • WG20 geared motors range with products up to 1550 Nm
  • entire catalogue for modular motor products


As usual, the cat4CAD product configuration tool is also available online:

Link to the ONLINE version: https://www.cat4cad.com

(*) for the update process, at least a temporary connection to the internet is required