Explosion-proof WEG Motors for any Case.

Bild 1 / Picture 1: WEG W22X Line

Thanks to the substantial ATEX motor programme of WEG, Watt Drive has the possibility to deliver the matching explosion protected drive for nearly all power ranges and application fields. No matter if gas- or dust area and which ignition protection type is required, WEG has the appropriate solution. At that we are not only considering the highest safety, but also cost efficiency. The motor series W22X is available for several type series up to efficiency class IE3.


WEG W22 - Motors for the Present and Future.

Bild 1 / Picture 1: WEG W22-Motor

The currently effective energy efficiency standard IE2 is going to be replaced by IE3 in the year 2015. From this time only IE3-motors or IE2-motors with speed control are allowed to be distributed within the EU. This standard is subject to 2, 4, 6-pole motors for the power range of 7.5 - 375 kW.